Tuesday, June 12, 2012

KOHLER Colour Sinks Featuring Jonathan Adler

Have you seen the new colourful sinks designed by Jonathan Adler for Kohler? They're proof that a little colour can go a long way. Once I saw these beauties, I was instantly in love. Like the images above, I love the look of an all white kitchen with one of these sinks on prime display. With four fabulous colours to chose from, I found it difficult to pick my favourite. But true to my love of green, the "Greenwich Green" tone won me over {although I am a big fan of blue, especially the "Annapolis Navy" hue}. The sinks come in three different sink styles: Iron/Tones, Whitehaven {my personal favourite} and Riverby. What do you think of these sinks and which colour is your favourite? Happy Tuesday!

Image source ~ Kohler; Video source ~ Lonny Magazine

Monday, June 11, 2012

{Wallpaper Wars} Soleil vs. Shimmer Collection

Time for another installment of wallpaper wars! {By the way, I'm not a very big fan of the word war - so my hope is to turn it into something fun and non-violent.} Which wallpaper collection gets your vote? Both collections - unique, different and equally special - can be found at Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics. The first is the Soleil Collection, full of bright, girly and playful patterns. You'll love this if you're fond of soft, feminine cheer and floral prints. The second is the Shimmer Collection that features contemporary designs on non-woven paper. This choice is for those who perhaps like more sophisticated choices with modern trails and geometric patterns. The Soleil Collection is by Wallquest, Inc. and the Shimmer Collection is by Printers Guild Productions. Which one wins the war in your eyes? Happy Monday, everyone!

Image source ~ Crown Wallpapers website

Sunday, June 10, 2012

{6 Inspirational Things To Do This Week} + My Week in Review

This week I'll be starting a new series every Sunday which features some inspirational things you can do for that week. Some ideas will be related to home decor but most will have something to do with nature, weather and beauty that's at our fingertips {and beyond!}

What I was up to this week:

Headboards are the bed's crown.
Get the look: an at home summer safari.
Magical inspiration ~ out to sea with the mermaids.
Sizzlin' summer patio ideas.
Colour inspiration ~ crazy about copper

Image source ~ Vogue Living Australia. 2006.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

{Colour Inspiration} Crazy About Copper

My dream home would consist of many copper elements. There's something regal, elegant and magical about copper. Not only does it have healing properties - for example, if you bathed in a copper tub - but, to me, it's also very "era-decent", so to speak. It takes me back to another time and another place; for example, a castle in Great Britain during the medieval ages or a stately home in the twentieth century. I loved the forest green and copper combination in the one kitchen photographed by Elle Decor. Also, I'm very fond of copper pots, pans and other kitchen accessories on display for everyone to see. They're definitely something that doesn't need to be hidden away. What copper accessories do you love? And which image by Elle Decor is your favourite? Cheers to a beautiful weekend!

Image source ~ Elle Decor

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sizzlin' Summer Patio Ideas

As the warm weather approaches - or continues, depending on where you live - it's time to pull out the patio furniture and enjoy the backyard, deck, and all that it has to offer. I was really inspired by these images from House to Home {UK}. The bright acid colours really give these summer patios a pop, twist, and everything in between. I really loved the over-sized metal lanterns that can be used to transform your patio from day to night. During the day, they act as colourful sculptures. At night, they're true beauty shines when they light up and provide your party with warmth and ambiance. Also, remember that what's on your patio table, for example, is just as important as the patio table itself. It's here where you can add colour, texture and vibrancy. The idea of a drink station was really cool to me. It's colourful and full of function, and who wouldn't agree to a little beverage in the summer heat? Also, beach towels - gotta have them, especially if you have a pool. So instead of keeping them locked away in some closet in your house, showcase your favourites! Plus it makes for easy access when someone wants to dry off. The colour palette of aqua blues, bright greens and yellows - as shown in these images - is perfect for a summer space because it's bright, calming and invigorating. What does your summer patio look like? What's your favourite thing about this space? Happy Thursday, gang!

Image source - House to Home UK

Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Magical Inspiration} Out To Sea With The Mermaids

Mermaids are simply magical. Yesterday I had a feeling that I wanted to write about mermaids, and as a result, that feeling inspired today's post. And I realized how much mermaid home accessories there actually are! {You are not alone in your adoration of mermaids.} Designed and hand-crafted by The Iron Fish, these beautiful mermaid sculptures look like they're dancing and swimming across your walls. Not only are they perfect conversation pieces for mermaid enthusiasts and coastal art collectors, but they are also unique, vintage furnished works of art that are available in many sizes and colour combinations. I also loved these mermaid fabrics by Heather Ross. They would be perfect complements to any space. Not only can I see them in a bedroom or a bathroom but I also feel that they'd make for an excellent feature wall. I'm inclined to say these would be perfect choices for a girl's room, but I firmly believe that anyone - of any age - can enjoy them, especially if they bring out the inner child in you. Finally, I chose to include this mermaid tote bag because its attention to detail is simply beautiful. The bouquet of flowers and French baguette are a nice touch - I almost feel as if the owner of the tote came back from a chic market in Paris or a beautiful boardwalk on the East Coast. What do you think of mermaids? Would you ever consider adding these accessories into your design scheme?

Image sources ~ The Iron Fish // Heather Ross // Tartx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Get the Look!} At Home Summer Safari

Cardboard animal heads from Cardboard Safari | Elephant tapestry pillows from Yves Delorme | Giraffe tote bag from Zazzle | Safari vase found on Alibaba | Global safari map off of Amazon | Treasures of Kenya trunk cocktail table by Lexington Home Brands | Victorian antiqued steamer trunk from Wayfair

{Scroll over for links}

Happy Wednesday, gang! Today it's all about the summer safari. I keep seeing cute advertisements for the Toronto Zoo which have been putting me in a safari mood. And you know, I've never been on a safari personally - I guess that's something I must put on my to-do list. I've complied some must have home decor items to achieve a safari look. Mix-and-match them together or add them into your already existing design scheme. Some of my favourites: animal heads that are actually made out of cardboard. The result? Designs that are both environmentally friendly and easy to maneuver about. I also loved the Victorian antiqued steamer trunk - not only because of its safari appeal but also because of it's historical roots. What would you bring on a safari? What else would you include to complete your safari home look?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Holy Headboards!} The Bed's "Crown"

Today I was headboard dreaming. I don't have a headboard myself but I'm fascinated by so many options, many of which are cool DIY projects. {I've even seen a headboard made from place-mats!} I've compiled some of my favourite headboards thanks to images from Style at Home throughout the years. What I've learned about headboards is that you can do anything from painting them on to personalizing them. They're effective ways to add texture and colour - you can even match them with accessories in your bedroom for a cohesive look. My favourite image is the one on the bottom right. The bright red antler headboard matched with the antler on the wall, the fur throw and pillows with a wool blanket draped over the top makes for a very Canadian look. What does your headboard - if you have one - look like?

Images sourced from ~ Style at Home magazine

Monday, June 4, 2012

{June Inspiration} A Picnic in the Park

June is the perfect time for a picnic in the park. Not only are there plenty of sunshine-filled days but the thermometer hasn't reached it's peak yet - which it often does in July and August - which means you won't be sweating through your meal {let's hope!} I was inspired by these images as seen on At Home with Kim Vallee. Did you know that the picnic basket used in the image is actually a bicycle basket? How chic and innovative! The strawberry limeade looks too delicious to pass off. Plus I had to include those delectable ice-cream sandwiches - a must to cool down your body and invigorate your taste buds. The last image I discovered through Funkeytime blog. In this image, an old suitcase was converted into a picnic basket. It's a simple DIY project: all you need is some lining or wallpaper and you'll all set. Attach some fabric to the case to hold objects in place, like dishes, silverware or glassware. The popcorn and the flags were included in this "birthday picnic basket" which I feel is a genius idea, and perfect for any of your Gemini or Cancer friends who are celebrating a June birthday. What's your favourite food item to bring to a picnic? What are some of your favourite picnic baskets? Happy Monday, gang!

Image sources ~ At Home with Kim Vallee {top 3 images} Funkeytime {bottom image}

Sunday, June 3, 2012

{Sunday Inspiration} + My Week in Review

For this week's lazy Sunday inspiration, I turn once again to the lovely Vogue Living. What I enjoyed about this space was its simplicity. There isn't much in the room but everything that's present makes a bold statement. The ornate mirror hanging above the fireplace and the beautifully detailed cabinet in the corner are busy enough that no other pictures, paintings or art need to be displayed on the walls. I love the use of the many coloured chairs because it adds personality and an element of playfulness to the otherwise somewhat detached space. Which chair would you pick to sit in? I'm a fan of grey, even if it's given a bad name sometimes for being cold and unfeeling, and in this case, it really makes the colour of the chairs pop. What's your favourite thing about this space? Happy Sunday!

What I was up to this week:

3 pendant lights I'm currently loving.
Inspiring spaces ~ should location matter?
Illustrative & fun fabrics with a historical twist.
Market pics inspired by rain, ocean & coastal life.
Summer patio style ~ bright & cheerful Marni chairs.

Also, did you read my post on Blog Podium yet?

Image source ~ Vogue Living

Saturday, June 2, 2012

{Summer Patio Style} Bright & Cheerful Marni Chairs

Have you seen these chairs? With bright, eye-catching colours and a cheerful esthetic, they're definitely hard to miss. But besides their colourful appeal, what I also like about these chairs is the back story behind their creation. Italian fashion label Marni teamed up with former prisoners - yes, prisoners - to create a collection of 100 chairs woven in a traditional South American style but adorned with bold Marni colours. Proceeds of the chairs go to help children of imprisoned women. I'm drawn to the fact that prisoners, which are held in a negative light in society, helped to create such beautiful, colourful and inspiring furniture. Not to mention that there's a real sense of grassroots community here - prisoners giving back to children of prisoners. So I feel that there is a true light shining from the darkness. Don't you think these would make stunning additions to your summer patio lineup? I can just picture them with bright towels draped over the sides and backs of these beauties. Which one of these Marni chairs is your favourite?

Image sources ~ Telegraph UK {top} // Fresh Fish {bottom}

Friday, June 1, 2012

{Anchors Away} Summer Market Pics Inspired by Rain & Ocean

Happy first day of June! Can you believe that summer is almost here? I woke up this morning to a dreary, rainy day. So much rain that there have been some floods reported {most notably a flood in Toronto's TTC; Union Station}. But despite the floods, the rain doesn't bother me because I knew that it's helping to rejuvenate and cleanse the Earth. Rain also happens to be a great source of inspiration. I've collaborated these market picks that remind me of summer rains, oceans, beautiful breezes and coastal living. From wallpapers to umbrellas to bedding and home accessories, I've got a little something for everyone! Plus many of these finds are environmentally friendly to boot.

1. Nautical themed design.
2. Organic bedding by Feel More Human.
3. Nautical themed wallpaper from Design Your Wall.
4. Tropical fish vases by Viva Terra.
5. Reusable tote by Nautical Luxuries.
6. Summer shell wreath from Williams-Sonoma.
7. Inhabit Cattails pillow from 2Modern.
8. Anchor umbrella from 2BHip.