Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{Holy Headboards!} The Bed's "Crown"

Today I was headboard dreaming. I don't have a headboard myself but I'm fascinated by so many options, many of which are cool DIY projects. {I've even seen a headboard made from place-mats!} I've compiled some of my favourite headboards thanks to images from Style at Home throughout the years. What I've learned about headboards is that you can do anything from painting them on to personalizing them. They're effective ways to add texture and colour - you can even match them with accessories in your bedroom for a cohesive look. My favourite image is the one on the bottom right. The bright red antler headboard matched with the antler on the wall, the fur throw and pillows with a wool blanket draped over the top makes for a very Canadian look. What does your headboard - if you have one - look like?

Images sourced from ~ Style at Home magazine

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  1. I have a sleigh bed, so it's got a really tall headboard. Dark brown.