Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspirational Spaces ~ Ore Studios {Spruce Street}

 Images from Ore Studios

This week's inspirational space is a doozy of delightful design. I recently discovered Ore Studios and I cannot get enough of the design duo made up of Andy Beers and Clara Scarola. Their design schemes don't fit any specific genre or style but their work is always fresh, colourful and fun - which I love - and I also enjoy that they mix up their design esthetics. The house on Spruce Street is actually Clara's home in New Mexico. I love the use of sustainable materials and how the designers kept the integrity of the original home where possible (like refinishing the hardwood floors). You can easily see the mix of vintage pieces with modern ones and I loved how patterns and colours are a recurring theme throughout the house. The design is simple, not too cluttered, but has a lot of pop and presence. I will definitely be featuring more inspirational spaces by Ore Studios in the upcoming weeks. What is your favourite thing about this space? Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

{Sunday Inspiration} + My Week in Review

Image via Vogue Living Australia

Inspiration boards. Mood boards. They're the best friend to any creative person. The avenues are limitless (as is your creativity!) According to the Law of Attraction, daily visualization and affirmations help to achieve the things in life that you want or desire. I like the idea of inspiration and mood boards being like little keys to fulfilling your dreams. What are your experiences with inspiration boards? What do you fill your boards with? 

What I was up to this week:

Adding geometric shapes to your designs.
Chalkboard China had me feeling like a kid again.
Rug Wars! Take your pick between these 3 beautiful rugs.
The kitchen nook ~ 4 different looks.
5 things I'm currently lovin' from happiness guru Mr. Jonathan Adler.
6 quick & simple ways to prepare your space for spring.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

6 Quick {& Simple} Ways to Prepare Your Space for Spring!

 Images by Greg Scheidemann and Adam Albright

Getting your space in sync with Spring doesn't have to be a daunting task! In fact, it can be very simple if you follow these 6 easy steps. Many of these D.I.Y. projects include objects that you already have around the house, and it is all about incorporating them together to achieve an outstanding look. One of my favourite projects is grouping mirrors together. Not only can they act as coasters, they can also help remove clutter from your space and attract in beams of sunlight. Or next time you're enjoying your stroll in the park, pick some branches and bring them home. You can use them as a beautiful and natural centerpiece (in any room!) Make your own shelf and store plants underneath a windowsill. Nothing says Spring more than fresh plants and flowers. These 6 projects should take only minutes to achieve but the end result is magic. What's your favourite Spring project and how do you get your space ready for a new season?

Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Things I'm Lovin' ~ From Jonathan Adler

 Images via Jonathan Adler's website.

Who else can give just the right design pick-me-up than happiness guru Jonathan Adler. No one does fun, cheeky and whimsical quite like him. I've picked 5 things that I'm currently lovin' from Mr. Adler's collections. The first is the Horoscope Key Fob (mine would be Virgo!) Anyone who knows me knows that I'm into the Zodiac, astrology, and all that jazz. So this is close to my heart. I love the idea of giving them as gifts to friends or family. For the ultimate weekend traveler, I love this white Rope Tote. The nautical theme is perfect for spring and summer getaways. These Dachshund bookends can be summed up in one word: adorable. Perfect to add a touch of fun to any bookcase. Keep your money safe in this hot pink Vespa Jute Pouch. Finally, this pencil case sends me in a 90s flash-back to elementary school (but in a good way!) Perfect for keeping your pens, pencils and other office accessories organized while you're on-the-go (or keep it at your desk for easy access!) Which item by Jonathan Adler is your favourite? TGIF - Happy Weekend, gang!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 Different Looks ~ The Kitchen Nook

 Images via Style at Home Magazine

The kitchen nook. It's one of the most used places in the house. Where the family comes together before the hustle and bustle of the morning routine. With thanks to Style at Home magazine throughout the years, I've complied 4 different kitchen-nook looks! Which one are you a fan of? The bright, breezy and modern kitchen nook exudes calming and positive energy. The ghost chair, eye-catching flowers and beautifully crafted pillows is a beautiful sight to wake up to each morning. The breezy east-meets-west nook brings the Eastern flare; the bamboo chairs, with the Western feel of the saarinen table, banquet cushions and accessories. I love how the splash of yellow is just the right amount: not too overpowering but present enough to make itself noticed. The elegant and unexpected room looks more like a dining space with the cabinets and the chunky, circular table (on wheels!) I love the twist of making this the kitchen area. Why not? There are no rules - it's your space! You call the shots. Finally, the cozy and comfy kitchen nook brings in armchairs, often reserved for the living room, into the kitchen area. The mute colour palette feels soft, serene and welcoming. What do you think about these spaces? Have a beautiful Thursday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rug Wars! {Take Your Pick} ~ Under Rug Swept

 1// Iznik Dhurrie in Sorrel by West Elm
2// Figi Rug in Lemonade by Company C
3// Wool Zinnia Rose Rug by Dwell Studio

It's time for Rug Wars! Out of these 3 magnificent choices, which one makes you "under rug swept"?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chalkboard China ~ An Elegant Collection of Chalk-Friendly Tableware

 Images from Chalkboard China

Chalkboard China makes me feel like a kid again. It reminds me of a time when something as simple as paper, pens, notebooks, chalk - anything that involved printing, writing or coloring - excited me to bits. I still have that in me. I got that feeling when I first came across Chalkboard China, an elegant collection of chalk-friendly tableware. This is the perfect invention for kids and adults alike.You could be the talk of the town throwing a party where guests are served drinks with their names written on the bottom of the glasses. (Plus it also means that no one can get mixed up as to whose class belongs to whom. How genius!) I also like how Chalkboard China can stimulate creative conversation and that items or special occasions can be easily personalized. No doubt that any event where Chalkboard China is present will be filled with joy and love. What would you personalize with Chalkboard China? Have a Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Ways To Add Geometric Shapes to Your Designs

 Photography by Max Kim-Bee

Geometry isn't for the Mathematics fans anymore! They also make for interesting designs filled with character and personality. Here are 3 different ways to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns into your space - thanks to designs by Kelli Ford (featured in Veranda magazine). In the first image, the shapes and patterns on the ceiling are unexpected. You'd think that ceiling shapes paired up with shapes on the walls and accessories, like the curtains, the geometric feel would be too overpowering. But with the patterns on the furnishings and throw pillows, like the Ikat patterns, the room feels like a harmonious blend of geometric goodness. In the second picture, the flooring stands out against the cheerful yellow walls. That same pattern is deflected in the walls of the third space, which adds texture, depth and personality to the room. What do you like most about geometric shapes in design and what shapes have you experimented with?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

{Sunday Inspiration} + My Week in Review

 Photography by Mikkel Vang for Vogue Living Australia Magazine

This Sunday it's all about your basic black-and-white inspiration. There's something effortless and edgy about the space above. Even though there isn't much colour present, the space still looks very calming and inviting. The natural lighting is showcased beautifully while the hint of colour, wood furnishings, and personal accessories add a touch of heart and warmth. When I first gazed upon these images, I thought of someone named Paul: a serious writer who lives in black-and-white. Paul isn't afraid of colour. He's just a bit methodical on how he does it - a splash of it here and a dash of it there. His home is filled with personal things: a typewriter on the dining table, a trophy on the nightstand and inspirational photos hanging on the walls. What is your favourite thing about this space?

What I was up to this week:

A pendant lamp that allows you to display your favourite things.
The perfect D.I.Y. project for Father's Day ~ how to create a saw-blade clock.
Photography by Diane Tuft {my new favourite!}
Market finds from the ThomasPaul collection.
Inspirational Homes ~ An old factory turned into a Texas treasure.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Inspirational Homes} ~ A Texas Treasure

 Photography by William Waldren via Elle Decor Magazine

You would never guess that inside of this late-19th-Century brick building, which was once an old factory, is now an inspirational home filled with Texas treasures. Decorator Gwynn Griffith did an admirable job of creating a rich and opulent refuge that is filled with personal items collected on trips and vacations around the world. African stools mix with Italian chairs and French chaise lounges to create a one-of-a-kind look that is filled with allure and adventure. My favourite space is the bathroom. I'm in love with the zinc tub that looks big enough for two (but more in love with that amazing boat-shaped chandelier. It's to die for!) Patterns and textures are mixed fearlessly, colours are blended harmoniously and art and photography is displayed proudly. This space is a true testament to designing with things that you love and mixing them together to create something magical. Also, it teaches us that there is beauty and promise in everything -- even a run-down factory! I hope these images inspire you this weekend. What is your favourite thing about this space?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring/Summer Market Finds ~ The ThomasPaul Collection

Images via Thomaspaul 
Bedding ~ Ship duvet cover (in ink) // Elephant duvet cover (in alcazar) // Octopus duvet cover (in charcoal) 
Kitchen & Dining ~ Placemats // Napkins // Tea towels

What a perfect way to welcome spring and summer into your home than with ThomasPaul's designs. They're cheeky, colourful and perfect for any age. Kids, teens (and adults) will love the animal prints - like elephant, octopus and lion - and older folks will be raving about the more mature collections, like garden, arboretum, Luddite and more. These designs definitely have a sense of the whimsical and are filled with personality, humor and play; perfect for home accents and accessories! I collaborated a few of my market finds and was impressed by the colour options and range of collections. I'm quite fond of the nautical series but am also drawn to the more natural series. Plus the history buff inside of me is quite fond of the Luddite collection. They have items for the bedroom, kitchen and dining room, and even fashion! If you like their designs in your home, you could also wear them (as scarves, brooches and other accessories). What's your favourite piece by ThomasPaul? Cheers to a beautiful weekend! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Designs That "Rock" ~ McCoy Designs

Images via McCoy Design.

McCoy Design makes the most magnificent wholesale handmade rock crystal accessories. From previous posts - such as my feature on decorating with amethyst or malachite - you may know that I absolutely adore rock crystals (and using them in your designs!) This is no exception. I picked 8 - which happens to be my favourite number -stand-out pieces from James McCoy's collection. How gorgeous is the amethyst tabletop clock? The natural amethyst stone is not only healing but regal, sensual and very romantic. Other pieces that immediately grabbed my attention include the solid pyrite table lamp and the classic votive that is a mix of rose quartz and calcite -- it's crafted to look like an actual flower! And how divine is the grande desert rose votive? I love all of the texture and colour. It looks like a creamy dream. Which one is your favourite? What are your experiences decorating with healing gems and stones? Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Inspirational Art} ~ Photography by Diane Tuft

Photography by Diane Tuft via the Marlborough Gallery
From Top to Bottom // Abyss of Time ~ Aftermath 3 ~ Fate, Being and Tranquility ~ Blood of the Sandur ~The Ring

My dream home would be filled with photography and art by Diane Tuft, who beautifully captures the allure and the fragility of the natural world. As someone who is greatly inspired by weather and nature, these images hit a soft spot for me. What's interesting about Tuft's work is that is requires a lot of technique and research. She works with specific cameras, films and techniques to capture light at the near-ultraviolet and near-infrared ends of the spectrum (which means it is impossible to visualize the photographs before they're shot!) Tuft must travel to specific locations and deal with certain weather conditions in which ultraviolet light is occurring. The natural colours present in the photographs are absolutely stunning, as are the ways the colours blend together. Tuft's recent "Aftermath Series" will be exhibited at the Marlborough Gallery in New York City until April 21st. These images were taken in Iceland after the dramatic explosion of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010. Her photographs are a true testament that there's beauty even in the bleak. Which image is your favourite? Have a happy Wednesday, gang!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

D.I.Y. Project ~ How To Make A Saw-Blade Clock

Image by Sue Ferris via Fresh Home Magazine

Who doesn't love D.I.Y. projects? Especially ones that cost under $25! When I first saw this self-made saw-blade clock, I was impressed with the hard and mechanical look to it. I can picture this in many places: a kid's room (especially if you have a boy), a garage or workshop, or even in your favourite space. I especially like the idea of placing it in a room with very feminine elements - so that the masculine edge of the clock acts as a stunning juxtaposition. Creating this cool clock takes under 30 minutes and costs almost next-to-nothing! Here's how you can create one yourself:

Step 1 ~ Get an old wall clock. Take the numbers off of the clock. (This would also work if you bought numbers at a local craft or supply store.)

Step 2 ~ Polish the saw blade. Get it nice and shiny for its debut.

Step 3 ~ Mark the Hours. Place the numbers evenly on the saw-blade (exactly where the numbers on a real clock would go, naturally). Attach them.

Step 4 ~ Attach the hands. Now you're done! Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Display Your Favourite Things ~ Pendant Lamp

Have you seen these playful pendant lamps by Swedish designer Chen Karlsson? Filled with personality and humour, the "favourite things" pendant lamp is designed to let your treasured objects be highlighted and exhibited beneath a light source. Karlsson lives in Sweden but has strong Asian influences; a mesh of East-meets-West flare is evident in all of his creations. This lamp comes in 3 different colour options: mustard yellow/navy, light grey cloud/gold and charcoal/pastel green. If I had this lamp, I probably wouldn't keep the same object in it for too long. I would also change it up each season. Perhaps I'd display a different setting to correlate with the season. Or perhaps some flowers that go along with the flower of the month. Since it's April, I would fill it with sweet peas and daisies. What would you display inside of your pendant?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

(Sunday Inspiration} + My Week in Review

It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When I stumbled across this space, I was blown away. It's an eclectic mix of many elements: wood counter tops, fur throws on the chairs, contemporary lighting and fun, cheeky "look at me" colours. The person who lives here isn't afraid to take risks. That's evident in the bright fuchsia wall colour. I love the blending that was done on the walls - it looks fabulous in the natural lighting. With the "N" on the shelf, I'm guessing that's the letter the owner's name starts with. So I'm going to call her Nora. Nora is a young hipster who lives alone, loves cups of tea with friends, and works as a fashion buyer for a chic department store. She loves pattern, texture and colour. New things excite her but, at the same time, she's a slave for vintage treasures. Are you loving this space as much as me? What ideas or feelings do you get from it?

What I was up to this week:

Style at Home & Beauti Tone paint collections. Take your pick between manor & romance.
A Mid-Century home with a modern twist.
Colour palette wars. Pink & grey VS. pink & yellow.
Style at Home & Beauti Tone paint collections. Take your pick between loft & townhouse.
Hanging terrariums: an unexpected way to display plants {indoors & outdoors}.
Kitchen islands that pop.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend Inspiration ~ Kitchen Islands That Pop!

The island can be the hub of your kitchen. Often praised for its convenience, why not also make it stand out design wise?  For some weekend inspiration, I decided to present two kitchen islands that pop. The first is designed entirely of Lego {how cool!} This Lego basic kitchen island - crafted out of more than 20,000 pieces - was created by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti for IKEA. With an island as colourful and eclectic as this one, you can keep the rest of your kitchen basic. Red stools are added for a splash of colour but the rest of the kitchen, including the appliances, are in basic white. Or how about this beautiful green kitchen island? Check out all of the storage possibilities! Shelves, drawers, hooks and crannies make this island stand out from the rest. Naturally, I'm in love with the green colour. There's even a shelf to keep your rolling pin! And those cookbooks you adore so much? Hidden away with easy access! Which island do you prefer? 

Cheers to a beautiful weekend, gang!