Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Magical Inspiration} Out To Sea With The Mermaids

Mermaids are simply magical. Yesterday I had a feeling that I wanted to write about mermaids, and as a result, that feeling inspired today's post. And I realized how much mermaid home accessories there actually are! {You are not alone in your adoration of mermaids.} Designed and hand-crafted by The Iron Fish, these beautiful mermaid sculptures look like they're dancing and swimming across your walls. Not only are they perfect conversation pieces for mermaid enthusiasts and coastal art collectors, but they are also unique, vintage furnished works of art that are available in many sizes and colour combinations. I also loved these mermaid fabrics by Heather Ross. They would be perfect complements to any space. Not only can I see them in a bedroom or a bathroom but I also feel that they'd make for an excellent feature wall. I'm inclined to say these would be perfect choices for a girl's room, but I firmly believe that anyone - of any age - can enjoy them, especially if they bring out the inner child in you. Finally, I chose to include this mermaid tote bag because its attention to detail is simply beautiful. The bouquet of flowers and French baguette are a nice touch - I almost feel as if the owner of the tote came back from a chic market in Paris or a beautiful boardwalk on the East Coast. What do you think of mermaids? Would you ever consider adding these accessories into your design scheme?

Image sources ~ The Iron Fish // Heather Ross // Tartx

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