Monday, June 11, 2012

{Wallpaper Wars} Soleil vs. Shimmer Collection

Time for another installment of wallpaper wars! {By the way, I'm not a very big fan of the word war - so my hope is to turn it into something fun and non-violent.} Which wallpaper collection gets your vote? Both collections - unique, different and equally special - can be found at Crown Wallpaper and Fabrics. The first is the Soleil Collection, full of bright, girly and playful patterns. You'll love this if you're fond of soft, feminine cheer and floral prints. The second is the Shimmer Collection that features contemporary designs on non-woven paper. This choice is for those who perhaps like more sophisticated choices with modern trails and geometric patterns. The Soleil Collection is by Wallquest, Inc. and the Shimmer Collection is by Printers Guild Productions. Which one wins the war in your eyes? Happy Monday, everyone!

Image source ~ Crown Wallpapers website

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