Monday, June 4, 2012

{June Inspiration} A Picnic in the Park

June is the perfect time for a picnic in the park. Not only are there plenty of sunshine-filled days but the thermometer hasn't reached it's peak yet - which it often does in July and August - which means you won't be sweating through your meal {let's hope!} I was inspired by these images as seen on At Home with Kim Vallee. Did you know that the picnic basket used in the image is actually a bicycle basket? How chic and innovative! The strawberry limeade looks too delicious to pass off. Plus I had to include those delectable ice-cream sandwiches - a must to cool down your body and invigorate your taste buds. The last image I discovered through Funkeytime blog. In this image, an old suitcase was converted into a picnic basket. It's a simple DIY project: all you need is some lining or wallpaper and you'll all set. Attach some fabric to the case to hold objects in place, like dishes, silverware or glassware. The popcorn and the flags were included in this "birthday picnic basket" which I feel is a genius idea, and perfect for any of your Gemini or Cancer friends who are celebrating a June birthday. What's your favourite food item to bring to a picnic? What are some of your favourite picnic baskets? Happy Monday, gang!

Image sources ~ At Home with Kim Vallee {top 3 images} Funkeytime {bottom image}

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