Sunday, June 3, 2012

{Sunday Inspiration} + My Week in Review

For this week's lazy Sunday inspiration, I turn once again to the lovely Vogue Living. What I enjoyed about this space was its simplicity. There isn't much in the room but everything that's present makes a bold statement. The ornate mirror hanging above the fireplace and the beautifully detailed cabinet in the corner are busy enough that no other pictures, paintings or art need to be displayed on the walls. I love the use of the many coloured chairs because it adds personality and an element of playfulness to the otherwise somewhat detached space. Which chair would you pick to sit in? I'm a fan of grey, even if it's given a bad name sometimes for being cold and unfeeling, and in this case, it really makes the colour of the chairs pop. What's your favourite thing about this space? Happy Sunday!

What I was up to this week:

3 pendant lights I'm currently loving.
Inspiring spaces ~ should location matter?
Illustrative & fun fabrics with a historical twist.
Market pics inspired by rain, ocean & coastal life.
Summer patio style ~ bright & cheerful Marni chairs.

Also, did you read my post on Blog Podium yet?

Image source ~ Vogue Living


  1. I am liking green these days.

  2. Me too, Cathy! As you can see, I love green!