Saturday, February 11, 2012

Awesome Amythest: February Colour of the Month

Forget about traditional reds, pinks and whites. For me, February's Colour of the Month is amethyst. It's romantic, sensual, regal and simply divine (and it's quite fitting that amethyst happens to be February's birthstone). 
My recent love for amethyst began when I saw the amethyst linen dyed bedding by Au Lit Fine Linens. (Dyed linens are very on trend for 2012!) The dark amethyst tone of the bedding seems to almost ignite the sheets. The colour is even more striking wen the organic fabric is left to crinkle naturally, creating shadows and depth in the space. This is definitely my favourite bedding of the season!
Some colour combinations to think of that compliment amethyst hues are green and white. In particular, a dark shade of green -- think: forest green -- and a bright, eye-popping white. Why? Because these are colours that are naturally found in an amethyst stone. The white table in front of the amethyst colour wallpaper from Graham & Brown really stands out and the grey chair ads drama and sex appeal. You can really play around with whether you want the amethyst to be the focal colour of the space or a  backup colour. If you want it as a backup, just incorporate a bold coloured statement piece that will make the room pop.
I love the mix of amethyst with yellow! It's an unexpected twist that adds a sense of drama and fun to the room. The blend of yellow hues found in the chair, pillows and accessories add just enough splash without overdoing it. 
 Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone. It has many healing properties such as healing of the body, mind and soul, meditation and balance, relieves stress, and helps with communication and spiritual awareness. I promote the idea of using actual amethyst stones in your designs where possible. One awesome amethyst splurge are these amethyst salt-and-pepper shakers by Nest Interiors. The shakers are made of pure amethyst stones, and why I chose them for design purposes is that they're very discrete and multifunctional. Nest also makes amethyst bookends and votive candle holders. 

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