Monday, February 13, 2012

Marketing Monday: Neo Metro

As you can see, Neo-Metro definitely knows who their target audience is! For my first instillation of Marketing Monday, I had to show off these cheeky advertisements from the premier manufacturer of stainless steel bathroom products. My work is currently in the process of a bathroom renovation for a hotel and Neo-Metro basins are on the bill. If it weren't for budget constraints, I think that Neo-Metro would be taking over all of the bathroom designs! Their Canadian retailer, Aqua Cucine, has also been very helpful, polite and understanding while we're going through this -- often times messy -- process. I also love how Neo-Metro got their rep in the late '90s when an article was released featuring a San Fransisco home that used prison toilets as their bathroom feature. 

If anything, Neo-Metro shows us how unbelievably sexy stainless steel can be.

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