Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Wrap Up: 5 Design Ideas That Inspired Me This Week


1. Don't forget to READ. This speaks for itself. Not only do I love the literal message of this design but it's also fun, cheeky, and let's not forget ... practical! Think of it as a bookshelf with a twist. I'm looking at my own grey bookshelf now and am thinking it's looking a little boring...
2. How cute is this sink?! It was designed by Benjamin Bullins, an award-winning artist and photographer from New Orleans. I can't decide what I like best: the towels in the basket or the handlebar-shaped faucet. No doubt these designs will catch on. Imagine the bicycle in an eye-catching colour like hot pink or electric blue. Oh, the possibilities! 
3. On a cold and dreary February day -- much like today -- imagine this in a park? I also love that it's like wrapping Mother Nature in a warm and colourful hug.
4. Hopscotch in the house? Yes, please! Remember when you're parents told you "not to play in the house." Now you can (while loving every damn minute of it). I can't help but give two thumbs up on designs that play with society's standards and ideals. 
5. I read that this book bath was created to help people "soak in knowledge." To be honest, I kind of like that idea. Either way, how cool would it be to soak in a bathtub of books?

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