Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cute Designs for Living & Giving: Susy Jack // Linda & Harriet

Cute little things make the world go 'round, especially when they help make our life bright and colourful. I adore these homemade designs that are perfect for the home or office to give you that special, personalized touch. How cute are the clothes-pins with the days of the week on them by Suzy Jack?! You can use them to organize your daily to-do list in a happy and cheerful way. Suzy Jack also designs pencil holders, journals, cards and desk accessories. I also loved these cute little notebooks with nautical designs on them by Linda & Harriet. Although I'm especially drawn to the anchor notebook, I really want want them all. Linda & Harriet specialize in calendars, invitations, note cards and custom stationery. Which piece from each company is your favourite?

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