Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Colour Inspiration: A Breath of Fresh Mint

Happy Leap Day, everyone! Today was a really interesting day. Where I live, I kept imagining February trying to "come out like a lion" since it's been pretty lamb-like this winter. It was snowing and blowing, raining and drizzling. I was laughing (to myself) all day because I pictured February giving out a big growl as if to say, "I'm still here!" although the lack of snow on the ground would suggest otherwise. This reminds me that we're almost into March which means we are that much closer to Spring. Don't you think these mint inspired colour combinations are the perfect hue for the transition from winter to spring? Mint goes perfect with both seasons. In fact, it shows off the best qualities of each: light, airy, cool, serene and playful. There's something about mint that makes you feel calm and content. It's youthful and daring, feminine and masculine. Plus it's versatile enough to be used as an entire wall, accent, feature, or in solids, stripes or patterns. And I noticed that there's "mint-speration" all around us, from walls to ceilings, buildings to ceramics -- even hair, weather, and nature give off that minty glow. What's your favourite thing about the colour mint and where do you like to use it?

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