Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspirational Homes: Julianne Moore's West Village Backyard Oasis

Images via Architectural Digest. March 2012. 

Who says that you can't have a park in the middle of a city? I couldn't help but be inspired by Julianne Moore's green oasis in her backyard, as featured in Architectural Digest's March issue. Her NYC townhouse is located in the heart of the West Village and has a very romantic appeal to it. Landscaped by Brian Sawyer, the space looks breathtaking, filled with raised beds of boxwood and ivy. Check out the image showing the two antique English stone troughs filled with moss and succulents. Check out those black accents on the house. They really capture the mood of the space. Finally, those branches - which look sort-of like a glorified beaver house - actually functions as a tree house! How cool is that? 

Living in the downtown core of a major city myself, I often feel disconnected from nature. And parks are great but sometimes they don't cut it for me. (Although I'm lucky enough to walk through a park everyday.) This verdant space makes you feel refreshed and tranquil in the middle of an urban jungle. Which backyard feature is your favourite?

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