Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Trend ~ Navajo Prints

One of my (many) favourite design trends for 2012 are Navajo prints. This Southwestern style is "bucking its head" again, showing up this year in rugs, throw pillows and other accessories. But don't fret! Those who lived through the Navajo trend the first time around shouldn't worry because this year it's all about mixing these prints with other patterns. For example, a Navajo pattern would look awesome paired with an Ikat pattern, especially if both are in bold and bright colours. As a Canadian, I love anything that adds a rich North American flavour to a space. These prints are rich with history and culture. They remind me of a rustic cabin or a glorious teepee. And what's great about this season is that I've seen them around in unexpected look-at-me colours. So you want a Navajo print in fuchsia, you say? It could happen (and would probably look spectacular to boot!) 

Who can resists these Navajo patterned chairs by Anthropologie. (That's a statement, by the way, not a question.) I tried to pick my favourite ones and failed -- although I must admit that I'm a bit partial to the bottom two. Ralph Lauren's Indian Cove Lodge Collection blends Navajo prints with interesting gold furniture, checkered patterns, and believe it or not -- leopard print! But it all works brilliantly together. I'm not a big fan of wood-paneled walls (retro '70s but not in a good way) but this collection is making me re-think that! I'm definitely coveting a Navajo throw! 
What's your favourite thing about Navajo prints and which piece is your favourite?

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