Friday, March 2, 2012

Colour + Object: Power Doors

Make a strong curbside statement with any of these colour + object pairings for the perfect door:
1. A classic look can be easily achieved with Gidden's Rich Navy (GLB25) paired with Restoration Hardware's Large Plate Door Knocker ($35-$50).
2. Pairing Valspar's Bright Parrot (6011-7) with Michael Healy's Pinecoon Door Knocker in Oiled Bronze ($120) makes for charming and eye-catching door with a little nature flare. 
3. For a door that screams look-at-me, Pratt & Lambert Paints' Patent Yellow (12-10) would look funky paired with Heath Ceramics' Eames House Numbers ($38 each).

Other Inspirational Doors:
(Below) This purple door makes a pop against the rather mellow (but beautiful) brickwork. The purple colour is a nice choice because it contrasts the door's rather antique style details and windowpanes. 
(Below) This pink door is fresh, fun and flirty. I chose this particular image because I liked the yellow pop from the windowpane directly above the door. The yellow and pink tones blend harmoniously together, almost as if the door is giving you a cheerful smile.
(Below) Wow! This door isn't just colourful -- it's a work of art! Plus the door looks as beautiful on the inside as it does on the outside. Check out the cubes of colour cascading down the entryway.
 (Above & Below). These doors painted two different hues of aqua really bring personality to an otherwise bland exterior. The blue is warm and inviting without distracting too much from the other elements around it. (Below) Check out that two-toned door. It's magnificent! I love how the colours blend together in a work of art (the aqua looking like the side and the green looking like fields and grass).
(Above) There's something about this blue weathered door that looks effortlessly chic. Even though the paint seems to be chipping away, it give it that extra j-ne-sais-quoi to the space.

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