Friday, March 23, 2012

Flower Power ~ Natural Colour Inspiration From Toronto's Allan Gardens

Photos by Robert Joseph
To celebrate the beginning of Spring, I took a leisurely stroll through Allan Gardens, Toronto's conservatory located in the downtown core. Talk about flower power! Allan Gardens, first established in 1858, has a beautiful display of flowering and tropical plants - including a few palm trees. It's a public botanical garden and features six greenhouses with permanent plant collections (sub-tropical garden, Palm House and cacti) and seasonal plants. My goal was to capture the different colour palettes that can be derived from nature. What made these photos almost magical was how the sun, peaking through the light grey clouds, cascaded through the greenhouse windows and danced on the plants and flowers. These photos are unedited to show the natural beauty of the space. I hope looking at these images makes you feel inspired. Happy Friday!

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