Monday, March 12, 2012

Mellow Yellow Inspiration

Mmm. I love yellow. What colour is as bright, cheerful and friendly as yellow is? Plus the overall inspiration for yellow is the Sun, our life source. Which makes me think of sunny skies, warm beaches and all that summery-good-stuff. Yellow is a powerful colour because it has such a magnetic presence. It stands out and grabs your attention (but not in a bold or ostentatious way like red or black could). This "mellow yellow" inspiration all has a modern-meets-vintage twist to it. Some of my favourite pieces include the painted yellow fireplace. How cute is it that the owners actually crafted the inside to look like an actual active fireplace and even placed little logs in front! That yellow sofa is to die for -- think of the assortment and variety of throw pillows you could pair with it. Finally, the kitchen caught my eye because of its use of bold and eclectic accessories. Check out the back-splash! And the vintage toaster and opulent chandelier are totally cool. Which yellow piece is your favourite?

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