Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring DIY ... in 5 Minutes!

Today I was inspired by the perfect Spring DIY project that will only take you 5 minutes and will make your space ready for a new season. Now we all know that artwork can be expensive, but here's an idea that won't break the bank (and will encourage you to "think outside the frame" -- pardon the pun). All you really need are 2 items: a frame + your favourite piece of fabric. My suggestion is a simple frame from IKEA. They have a wide selection ranging from under $20 to over $100. I just stuck with something that was mid price-point at $34.99. Next, slip in your favourite fabric. I loved the coral tones for Spring and I was also dazzled by the purple and pumpkin combination. For this project, you don't need a lot of fabric (and you can even use fabric left over from a previous DIY project). This is a smart design idea because you can swap out the fabric for a new one when you want a change. I personally love the idea of alternating the fabrics to go with each season. What do you think?

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