Friday, March 9, 2012

Light Up Your Life ~ Iacoli & McAllister Lighting

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Have you heard of Iacoli & McAllister? The name stands for Jamie Iacoli & Brian McAllister, a Seattle-based design duo who grabbed my attention with their recently released 'Spica' pendant light. The light was designed and named after the brightest start in the constellation Virgo. (As a Virgo myself, I had to represent!) Spica is crafted from a steel rod and available in 3 colours: black, white or mirror gold. The piece really demonstrates the typographic quality of proportions with the design pair try to emphasize in all of their work.

I also enjoy their frame lights, shown above in a variety of colours (blue/yellow/black). What's cool about these pieces is that you can hang them alone OR you can cluster them together to make a fabulous chandelier. However, what they didn't show -- and would look totally awesome -- is grouping not only different sizes BUT ALSO different colours together, to get a multi-coloured effect. These pieces are modern with sleek lines and look-at-me curves. Which piece is your favourite (and do you wish they had a light that matched your Zodiac sign, too?)


  1. Robert, I love your blog! As for this post, I did see these guys at IDSwest last year. Love their work. Have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you - I love yours too! I'm glad we could connect. And that's exciting that you know of these guys. I love their stuff!