Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday {Chair} Inspiration + My Week in Review

Last night I had to "Spring forward" and set my clock ahead one hour. That may be one of the only downsides to Spring. This morning I woke up to a sunny, bright, cheerful, and absolutely gorgeous day (which I'm still gushing over!) I've always been fascinated by the weather and it's days like today which make me understand why. So it's not surprising that I felt inspired by this bold, colourful CB2 Parlour Chair when I first saw it. Look at the magnificent blend of colours: swoon, orange, chartreuse, storm and white radiate off-center in an eye-catching way. I'm partial to the idea of building your design around a strikingly patterned statement piece like this one. In fact, this Parlour Bold Chair can single-highhandedly set off a contemporary tone and colour scheme, ignite your imagination and cause some serious flowing of the inspiration gears. This piece looks striking at all angles...and I love how the barrel arms gently curve and the back of the chair is tapered nicely. Isn't this the perfect design accessory for spring and summer? 

Monday ~ Diane von Furstenburg's rooftop apartment was this week's inspirational space
Tuesday ~ Delightful dinnerware options
Wednesday ~ Discovered Colorstrology ... did you find out what your colour was yet?
Thursday ~ Yearnin' for Navajo prints
Friday ~ I was inspired by Iacoli & McAllister's modern lighting (especially the Spica light!)
Saturday ~ 6 things I currently love from Restoration Hardware

Happy Sunday, gang!

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