Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Inspiration + My Week in Review

Pictured above from left to right: spring, autumn, winter & summer

Did you know Blik's elegant new Seasons graphic by Mina Javid includes leaves and flowers that correspond with each season: fall, winter, spring and summer? That’s like four different graphics in one. For a weather and nature fanatic like me, this is pretty cool. I love the versatility and flexibility of these decals. Bring the outdoors in with this tall graceful tree and change seasons as often as you change your shoes. Which one is your favourite? Which season is your favourite?

Now onto my Week in Review:

Monday: Julianne Moore's home in NYC's West Village was this week's inspirational home.
Tuesday: I highlighted cute designs for living & giving by Susy Jack and Linda & Harriett.
Wednesday: I was inspired by mint: the perfect colour choice to bring you from winter into spring.
Thursday: Malachite was my Colour of the Month choice for March.
Friday: This week's Colour + Object combination was on power doors.
Saturday: The designer spotlight was on Amie Corley's colourful, modern, bright and inspirational designs.

~ Happy Sunday, gang!

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