Thursday, March 29, 2012

Colour Magic ~ Red, White & Blue

Why does the colour palette blue, red and white blend so beautifully together? Maybe it's because red and blue are such strong and complementary primary colours, that when balanced with a neutral and non-threatening white, they create magic. Have you noticed that across the globe, many of the country's colours are red white and blue? (Several countries immediately come to mind, such as USA, UK, Australia, France...) I wonder why that is. The blend of these three colours not only creates a feeling of being proud of one's country but also sparks a nautical feel which, frankly, who can resist? These rooms would be cozy in January yet classic in July. These images were photographed by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines and styled by Margot Austin. I love how the rooms also incorporate pale yellow hues, which aren't too overpowering and reminiscent of soft sunshine or blooming dandelions. Also, the key to this colour palette working so wonderfully in this space is using it in just the right doses. Splashes of blue and hints of red do the trick! What's your favourite thing about this colour palette and where have you used it before?

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