Friday, March 16, 2012

Design Through The Eyes of Kyle Schunerman

Before I discuss the topic at hand, I must take a moment to talk about the weather. Although the calendar says that it's still winter, outside in Toronto - where I live - the weather is screaming summer. I don't know how the weather has been like where you are, but Toronto has experienced a relatively non-existent winter. Now, in mid-March, we're bathing in temperatures of 19 degrees Celsius (that's 66 degrees Fahrenheit!) Plus this beautiful weather is supposed to continue (or so says the five-day forecast). No complaints here, I'm just mesmerized by the weather we've been experiencing thus far in 2012. One local meteorologist even said, "records are melting [all across Canada] more than a marble cheesecake in the fridge!" 

Now onto the creative stuff. Have you heard of designer Kyle Schunerman? He's a fellow creative gent. If the name sounds familiar, maybe it's because Kyle was featured as one of the Next Wave of Top 20 Designers by House Beautiful. And who doesn't love some fresh new blood? What I like about Kyle's spaces is they all have a different personality. He favors clean designs with sleek curves and playful colours. He's also very marketable. What I mean by that is his design tastes reach a broad audience. He isn't too flamboyant or extravagant -- even though there's no problem with being so -- and his designs are cost-effective which means many people can take advantage of them. Plus he has a new book out on how to design for small spaces, and since I live in an apartment myself, I'm dying to get my hands on it. Some stand-out design pieces for me include: the-vintage-tennis-rackets-turned-mirrors, the brown-and-white cow patterned coffee table and the purple flower vase. What inspiration to you get from Kyle's designs?

Happy Friday!

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