Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper Collection

"Beauty is like an empty chamber: once discovered, it is to the artist both inspiration and canvas." 

(A special thanks to Robin DeGroot for showing me this collection.) I'm sure you've heard of SWAROVSKI crystals, but did you know that the same company has their own line of wallpaper? That's right, folks! The elegant and opulent Swarovski company has made their presence in interiors and home decor. Luckily for us, they've still kept their decadent tastes. The collection, simply titled SWAROVSKI Elements, was designed by British wallpaper designer Karen Beauchamp in collaboration with the company's in-house design team. Why I love this collection in particular is because it pushes the boundaries and turns magnificent design concepts into a wallpaper reality. The collection boasts the finest crystal elements that are manufactured by Swarovski shown on "backgrounds of exquisite flock, mirror-like foil and layered ink (thus giving the effect of metallic leather"). Not only is the colour of the wallpaper rich and beautiful but it's also shimmery and glittery. The light - which bounces across the wall - is refracted by the multifaceted colored crystals. Although the wallpaper is more costly than some (obviously since it's adorned by crystals! Hello!) I would recommend using it as a feature wall -- as shown in the photographs. You can easily make a statement by using a small piece of the wallpaper. Or you can always go big or go home. What do you think of Swarovski's dabble in design? What piece of wallpaper is your favourite?

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