Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lana Del Rey Inspired ~ Images, Colours & Spaces

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I cannot get enough of Ms. Lana Del Rey. Ever since her "Born to Die" album hit the store shelves in late January, it's all I have been listening to on my iPod. (Recently I managed to play a few different songs just for good measure.) Does that ever happen to you -- when you can't stop playing an album because you love it so much? In turn, it almost becomes the "soundtrack to your life" at the present moment. That last sentence basically sums up how I'm currently feeling. Lana's official video for her song titled "Blue Jeans" premiered today, so in celebration I got the urge to conjure up some Lana inspiration. I thought to myself, "What would Lana's bedroom look like? What would her living room look like?" I came across a blend of bohemian and retro styles that reflect Lana's carefree attitude and her love of vintage clothing. I especially adore the picture which shows a peak into two girly bedrooms, both of which reflect a different side of Lana's personality. The bedroom on the left, where she writes her music and gets inspired, and the room on the right, where she sleeps and puts on her makeup and infamous "red dress" that she sings about in many of her songs. What do you think of these Lana Del Ray inspired spaces, images and colours. Which artists - past or present - inspire you?

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