Monday, May 7, 2012

The Art of a Perfectly Made Bed

Image from Fresh Home Magazine, Fall 2009

Happy Monday, gang! Today's inspiration is all about the one thing everyone cannot live without: a bed. Did you know that there is an art to the perfectly made bed? Throughout the years, I've learned a few tricks of the trade with bed making (maybe it's the Virgo in me!) For starters, always place the open ends of your pillowcases away from the door or entrance to the room. That way they stay hidden. Also, the pillows that your sleep on usually go on top of the euro sham. And let's talk pillows. Can you ever have enough pillows on your bed? The answer is yes. Although decorative pillows may look exquisite, when it comes down to it, they cause more fuss and annoyance. Based on the image above, around 6 pillows should suffice: two sleep pillows, two euro shams, a decorative pillow and perhaps a bolster pillow. Keep in mind that the layering should be less and less as you approach summer seasons. You may not need the extra throw or the duvet cover but you can always keep them on the bed for decorative purposes. What's your bed look like? Do you follow any certain rules for making your bed?

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