Thursday, May 3, 2012

Artful Stitches by Textile Designer {Richard Saja}

Images from Elle Decor 

For 10 years, New York City-based textile designer Richard Saja has been rewriting the toile de Joy narratives, traditional French patterns that chronicle the fascinating lives of the French bourgeoisie. What's so fun, witty and unique about Saja's designs is that he spices up the narratives by adding brightly coloured embroidery (not to mention an absolutely wicked sense of humor to boot!) For example, Saja crowned the head of a toddler with a multicolored Mohawk, turned lovers into a pair of clowns and dancing men into moss-green monsters! His work has been translated to home accessories and fashion statements (like the throw pillows and shoes featured above). Not only are they beautiful, but Saja's designs combines history, design, and pure unadulterated fun. They're cheeky conversation starters that will excite any history buff and fascinate the design fanatic. What do you think about his designs and the way Saja "reinterprets" the French bourgeoisie?

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