Monday, May 28, 2012

{That's So May!} 10 Market Picks That Scream May

2. May flowers.
8. Pillow shams, various prints, standard size. As seen on Plum Pretty Sugar.

Can you believe that the month of May will be ending this week? In honor of this beautiful month, I've compiled a list of things that screams May {at least to me}. What do you think of when you ponder about May? For me, it's all about flowers blooming and the beginning of warm weather. People start paying more attention to their gardens, planting flowers, herb and veggies that will last them through the summer months. Also, may is all about Mother's Day, Victoria Day {in Canada} or Memorial Day {in the U.S.} so there is an energy of warmth and love that surrounds this time. I've compiled 10 market picks that remind me of May. Anything from gardening tools to rugs - most of which have a floral theme. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Happy Monday!

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