Saturday, May 19, 2012

{Blending East & West Style} Modern Meets Moroccan

 Images via Vogue Living Australia

I love Moroccan - and very similar to it - bohemian style. Maybe it's the colour, patterns and textures that seem to come alive through sight and touch. Just like in the "real" world, I also enjoy a blending of two cultures. In this case, modern meets Moroccan. These images come from the {almost} archive of Vogue Living Australia, which, as you know, is among one of my favourite pieces of inspiration. This space is full of rich and vibrant colour but is kept from being a colour explosion by incorporating the black and white palette and furnishings which is popular in a more modern, Western look. East-meets-West flare is very popular at the moment. I think it was Style at Home Magazine which included it as a design trend for 2012. Some of the stand-out pieces to me in this space are the Moroccan table - look at how detailed and colourful the base is - as well as the black-and-white patterned coffee table (as well as the beautiful blue dish that sits on top of it!) What are your thoughts about this space? Cheers to a Happy Weekend!

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