Friday, May 4, 2012

Turn Pretty Spring Produce into {Edible} Gifts!

Images by Adam Albright

Here's something for the gardenista out there. (I know that's not really a word but I stole it from fashionista.) Today I was inspired by these 4 edible gifts that come straight out of the Spring garden ... or the farmers market. It's all about what you prefer. What a better way to think outside of the box and give your friends some of the best gifts from the heart of Mother Nature. To create the veggie hanging cone, just take a piece of card paper, fold it up and punch holes on either side to hang a ribbon. Line the cone with waxed paper and fill it with veggies like beans or peppers - perhaps anything that would make for a delicious salad. Plant some herbs inside of a beautiful tea cup. To make it more personalized, make a label and hang it from some ribbon. The basil bouquet is simple: find a jar, some ribbon and add some herbs and flowers for garnish. Fill it with your favourite veggie - something eye catching and full of colour - like these Roma tomatoes. Finally, medium-sized veggies can pack a punch in this colourful colander garnished with herbs. What other edible gifts can you think of that turn produce into something pretty and magical?

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