Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{Light Up Your Life} 3 Pendant Lights I'm Currently Loving

Happy Tuesday, gang! Today I was inspired by some things that immediately grabbed my attention in the latest issue of Style at Home magazine. My eye was drawn to so many beautiful pendant lights. Did you see the article and photos on mason jars? They remind me of my Grandma who used to have a set of mason jar mugs that we would use for cold drinks on hot summer days. I love the pendant lights made out of mason jars because they look like fireflies when lit up. Plus they make a great DIY projects! The Wooster & Jeeves top hat pendants were featured in another posting of mine a few weeks ago but I had to bring them back. They're absolutely adorable! Perfect for the male or female fashion gurus. Finally, the Zettl'z light is more of a chandelier than a pendant, but I love the bohemian chic energy to it and how it can be easily personalized. It looks messy, but in a good way {one that doesn't bother the Virgo in me anyway} and it's a cute way to keep old mementos and personalized items - and also to also show them off in trend-forward decor style. What do you think of these three different lights? Which one is your favourite?

Image sources ~ Mason Jar pendants: Houzz // Pottery Barn // Ramshackle Glam
Wooster & Jeeves top hat pendants: Trendir // Decoholic
Zettl'z:  Marvomatic // House Beautiful


  1. I love the mason jar lights. I want to do this in my house but I'm not sure which room. Love it!

    1. I love them too! My only advice would be putting them in a room that doesn't conduct much heat? So they don't get fogged up ;-)

  2. That is great advice. Thank you.