Monday, May 14, 2012

Living in Colour

 Images from Vogue Living Australia

Those who devour Vogue Magazine monthly should check out their design-focused counterpart, Vogue Living {Australia}. The chic, sophisticated and high-gloss look of the Vogue brand effortlessly bleeds over to the pages of the home decor sister publication. Today I was inspired by colour. What I liked about these images is their cohesive theme: white backgrounds with pops of colour in the foreground; just enough to heighten the senses and invigorate the spirit without being too powerful. Lately, I've been noticing the trend of draping clothes over artwork or furnishings. In this case, a 60s mod-inspired dress is draped over a lighting fixture that's placed directly underneath the stairwell. It's unique thinking like this that makes me smile, maybe because it tells a story of the person who lives there. Don't forget about the fresh flowers to add a little bit of the beautiful outdoors indoors. One of my favourite things in these images is the yellow rotary style phone. What's yours? Happy Monday, gang!

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