Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Inspirational Spaces} Fashion-Forward Design

 Photography by Virginia Macdonald

Here's something for the fashion lovers. When I first came across jewelery designer Maryam Keyhani's home in Canadian House & Home magazine, I was blown away by how she mixes her love of fashion with an eye for home design. Maryam's space is truly a beautiful work of art. It's simple, elegant and refined. One of my favourite pieces in her Victorian home in Toronto are the hat pendants. How cute are they? In the dining space, I love how she mixed many elements that don't traditionally go together - like concrete (the bench), velvet (the chairs) and mirror (the table). Her shoes, hats and accessories aren't hidden away in wardrobes and closets, but instead, they're beautifully displayed for all to see. Looking at her artwork, you can tell this girl loves her fashion. I thought it was quite cheeky how she draped a dress over art, almost as if it were a 3-dimensional art piece. What is your favourite thing about this space? Do you love it as much as I do?

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