Monday, April 2, 2012

Take Your Pick of H&M Home Spring 2012 Collection ~ Bedding & Duvets

H&M Home makes me wish that I was a Brit. (Oh well, there's always online shopping!) Not only does the brand excel internationally at affordable and trendy fashion, but they continue that reputation in the design world as well. I'm in serious need of new bedding for the changing season. Right now I have about six blankets on my bed. (Welcome to Canada, eh.) What else in your room makes a statement quite like your bedding. Is it soft and luxurious? Romantic and sexy? Bright and colourful? Funky patterned? One solid colour? Getting your room ready for Spring is as easy as changing your bedding. It doesn't have to be expensive; H&M Home makes it affordable and fun. Check out these 6 different bedding styles from H&M Home's Spring 2012 collection. Which one is your favourite? I can't decide between the bottom two. I love the romantic and earthy quality of the greyish bedding but enjoy the playful and androgynous blue-and-white bedding (plus I'm a sucker for blue!)

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