Friday, April 6, 2012

Have Yourself A {Natural} Little Easter ... From Terrain!

Have yourself a {natural} little Easter. I know that I've got my holiday jingles mixed up; however, this song was one of the first things that I thought of when I came across Terrain's natural Easter collection. The company acts as a store and a nursery which also specializes in events, landscape design and even has their own cafe (located in Pennsylvania). What I love about this company is that they teach us that Easter, and every other holiday, doesn't always have to be a time for extravaganza. You can still create as much - if not more - effect by keeping it simple. The Woodland Coast basket is beautiful decorated with flowers and adorned with a birds nest filled with colourful eggs. The moss and linen branches are elegant and simple and the potted clematis wreath is like a touch of heaven! Terrain's collection also reminds me that I create my own creations as easy DIY projects at home. Parents: these are great crafts to do at home with your kids! Which natural piece is your favourite? Also, I'm dying to know which Easter collections you've come across (and are raving about!) 

"Hoppy" Friday. I hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend (and pardon the pun!)

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