Monday, April 23, 2012

3 Ways To Add Geometric Shapes to Your Designs

 Photography by Max Kim-Bee

Geometry isn't for the Mathematics fans anymore! They also make for interesting designs filled with character and personality. Here are 3 different ways to incorporate geometric shapes and patterns into your space - thanks to designs by Kelli Ford (featured in Veranda magazine). In the first image, the shapes and patterns on the ceiling are unexpected. You'd think that ceiling shapes paired up with shapes on the walls and accessories, like the curtains, the geometric feel would be too overpowering. But with the patterns on the furnishings and throw pillows, like the Ikat patterns, the room feels like a harmonious blend of geometric goodness. In the second picture, the flooring stands out against the cheerful yellow walls. That same pattern is deflected in the walls of the third space, which adds texture, depth and personality to the room. What do you like most about geometric shapes in design and what shapes have you experimented with?

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