Thursday, April 19, 2012

Designs That "Rock" ~ McCoy Designs

Images via McCoy Design.

McCoy Design makes the most magnificent wholesale handmade rock crystal accessories. From previous posts - such as my feature on decorating with amethyst or malachite - you may know that I absolutely adore rock crystals (and using them in your designs!) This is no exception. I picked 8 - which happens to be my favourite number -stand-out pieces from James McCoy's collection. How gorgeous is the amethyst tabletop clock? The natural amethyst stone is not only healing but regal, sensual and very romantic. Other pieces that immediately grabbed my attention include the solid pyrite table lamp and the classic votive that is a mix of rose quartz and calcite -- it's crafted to look like an actual flower! And how divine is the grande desert rose votive? I love all of the texture and colour. It looks like a creamy dream. Which one is your favourite? What are your experiences decorating with healing gems and stones? Happy Thursday!

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