Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring/Summer Market Finds ~ The ThomasPaul Collection

Images via Thomaspaul 
Bedding ~ Ship duvet cover (in ink) // Elephant duvet cover (in alcazar) // Octopus duvet cover (in charcoal) 
Kitchen & Dining ~ Placemats // Napkins // Tea towels

What a perfect way to welcome spring and summer into your home than with ThomasPaul's designs. They're cheeky, colourful and perfect for any age. Kids, teens (and adults) will love the animal prints - like elephant, octopus and lion - and older folks will be raving about the more mature collections, like garden, arboretum, Luddite and more. These designs definitely have a sense of the whimsical and are filled with personality, humor and play; perfect for home accents and accessories! I collaborated a few of my market finds and was impressed by the colour options and range of collections. I'm quite fond of the nautical series but am also drawn to the more natural series. Plus the history buff inside of me is quite fond of the Luddite collection. They have items for the bedroom, kitchen and dining room, and even fashion! If you like their designs in your home, you could also wear them (as scarves, brooches and other accessories). What's your favourite piece by ThomasPaul? Cheers to a beautiful weekend! Happy Friday!

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