Monday, April 9, 2012

Take Your Pick ~ Style at Home Colour Collections With Beauti Tone {Manor & Romance}

Happy Easter Monday! I hope that you all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend and are having an equally exciting Monday. Did you check out my Easter inspiration yet? (including Pantone Easter eggs and decorations made from paint chips!) For a relaxing Monday, I leave you with another installment of "Take Your Pick: Style at Home Colour Collections with Beauti-Tone". Now for more daring collections. Do you prefer the rich, sophisticated, and ultra-European tones of Manor? What I like about the colour combinations is that they can be as equally effective in an expensive manor or in a decked-out frat pad. I love the combination of navy blue and yellow. Plus the addition of brown hues - from Moccasin and Cableknit - break up the bold colours nicely. Or are you a romance junkie (perhaps you're obsessed with purple)?  If so, you'll adore the moody mauve colours that blend with antique grey tones. Purple is the colour to pick if you want a sensual and moody colour that's not too abrasive. With names like amethyst, light cashmere and plum, how can you go wrong!?

Two bold colour palettes, one choice. Take your pick. Which one "grabs your fancy"? Also, be sure to check out the other Style at Home colour palettes I've featured, including: farmhouse, cottage,
fresh and exotic.

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