Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beautiful Books ~ Penguin Classics {by Anthropologie}

Attention all book lovers! We're told to never judge a book by a cover - but who can resist!? Ever since I was a child, I've been fascinated by not only what's inside of the pages but what's outside, too! And let's face it: the book cover can be just as telling as the book itself. When I came across these revamped Penguin Classics by Anthropologie, I was smitten. Many of your classic favourites - like The Secret Garden, Peter Pan, Wuthering Heights, Robin Hood, Great Expectations (and more) - have a new look that's perfect for the bookshelves -- and even more perfect to leave out as decoration. Since I love children's literature so much, I especially adore the classic children's set in bright, playful colours that would look gorgeous in any kid's room or nursery. What was your favourite classic book growing up? What's your favourite classic book now? Which cover art is your favourite? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Happy Weekend!

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