Saturday, April 21, 2012

{Inspirational Homes} ~ A Texas Treasure

 Photography by William Waldren via Elle Decor Magazine

You would never guess that inside of this late-19th-Century brick building, which was once an old factory, is now an inspirational home filled with Texas treasures. Decorator Gwynn Griffith did an admirable job of creating a rich and opulent refuge that is filled with personal items collected on trips and vacations around the world. African stools mix with Italian chairs and French chaise lounges to create a one-of-a-kind look that is filled with allure and adventure. My favourite space is the bathroom. I'm in love with the zinc tub that looks big enough for two (but more in love with that amazing boat-shaped chandelier. It's to die for!) Patterns and textures are mixed fearlessly, colours are blended harmoniously and art and photography is displayed proudly. This space is a true testament to designing with things that you love and mixing them together to create something magical. Also, it teaches us that there is beauty and promise in everything -- even a run-down factory! I hope these images inspire you this weekend. What is your favourite thing about this space?

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