Tuesday, April 17, 2012

D.I.Y. Project ~ How To Make A Saw-Blade Clock

Image by Sue Ferris via Fresh Home Magazine

Who doesn't love D.I.Y. projects? Especially ones that cost under $25! When I first saw this self-made saw-blade clock, I was impressed with the hard and mechanical look to it. I can picture this in many places: a kid's room (especially if you have a boy), a garage or workshop, or even in your favourite space. I especially like the idea of placing it in a room with very feminine elements - so that the masculine edge of the clock acts as a stunning juxtaposition. Creating this cool clock takes under 30 minutes and costs almost next-to-nothing! Here's how you can create one yourself:

Step 1 ~ Get an old wall clock. Take the numbers off of the clock. (This would also work if you bought numbers at a local craft or supply store.)

Step 2 ~ Polish the saw blade. Get it nice and shiny for its debut.

Step 3 ~ Mark the Hours. Place the numbers evenly on the saw-blade (exactly where the numbers on a real clock would go, naturally). Attach them.

Step 4 ~ Attach the hands. Now you're done! Enjoy!

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